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Espresso—Complexity & Natural Variations

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Complexity and Natural Variations—we look for both of these things at Midtown Coffee. Pulling shots is a science—not just the simple act of pushing a button.

We hope you enjoy this article shared with us by our friend Kevin—talking about the science behind the "perfect" espresso shot. "The process depends on a delicate combination of factors—including grind setting, coffee amount, water pressure, temperature and beverage volume—and it's hard to consistently pull the perfect shot." What the article does not mention, which is definitely a factor when pulling a great shot of espresso, is the amount of pressure in which the barista tamps the grounds.



Pressure is what makes espresso. It either makes it or breaks it. And let's be honest—sometimes we don't know our own strength! It doesn't take much to achieve the goal of 30-40 pounds of pressure with each tamp. Try it out sometime with one finger on a scale.

We have several different styles and weights of tampers at Midtown, and I think we all have our favorite—our go-to. If you are going to make espresso at home, which can't always achieve the same water pressure or temperatures, at least make sure you have mastered the tamp!

Happy Friday, and enjoy the read.

–Midtown Coffee

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