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Sunday Coffee At Our House

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

You may be thinking, that a couple who owns a coffee bar must never run out of coffee. Wrong. It has also been said that running out of coffee could become grounds for divorce. Oh, the puns! Well now, that may be pushing it too far.

The life we came from — the hustle and bustle of Seattle life, all came to a grinding (pun intended) halt when we decided to drop everything, move to a tiny mountain village (as our children call it), and invest in an established coffee bar as our way of making a living. We used to always drink our coffee on the go. Kiss the spouse, grab your things, load the kids into the car, run back in because you forgot something, get the kids off to school, and then finally, enjoy the mostly peaceful sounds of horns and brakes on the commute to work, while enjoying that "fresh" cup of coffee on the go.


After graduating with my B.A. in studio art, I decided to further my studies in Italian Renaissance Art & History, by traveling to live in Florence for a study program. Every day, I made my way through the hustle and bustle of busy Florentine life, and would always start at a coffee bar before heading to my classes. Order your espresso. Blend in. Milk with espresso before 11am. Straight espresso for pick–me–ups during the day. Espresso corretto (corrected; with a shot of grappa or saumbuca) later in the day. Walking into a coffee bar in Italy is like stepping into a time warp. People are so busy getting to where they need to go outside, all times of the day, but as soon as you walk into a coffee bar, the change in pace is immediate. Order. Find a table. Visit while standing (there are no chairs). Savor your cup. Be going.

Fast forward 6+ years.

Nowadays, our commute to work does not involve wheels. It's not hurried. It does not involve traffic, unless you count the occasional skunk or bear. In the inky black of the early morning in a mountain town, the commute involves the sounds of your own footsteps, your breathing, and years of stars up in the heavens to gaze at. Life is simple here. It's more quiet. And even better, work has an endless supply of coffee. Our walk to work is less than two minutes now, which doesn't leave time to drink coffee while commuting. This means, our first cup of coffee is had once we get to work, turn on the lights, and load up the espresso.

All of that aside, we don't like to run out of coffee at home. And yet, every now and again, that's the predicament we find ourselves in. And when that happens, we walk to work and get some more. Why is Sunday our favorite day to drink coffee? We can sleep in late, we can walk around in our PJ's, and we drink our coffee together on our couch as the sun rises and the kids are still sleeping. It's magical.

Happy coffee drinking to you!

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