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One of Quincy's original coffee bars opened their doors way back in a former decade as Dunn's Coffee and Fine Teas. In 2011, the business was sold by founders Jack and Erin Dunn, to longtime Quincy merchants, Rick and Eileen Greenly who were proficient at running a successful, small business. A call was made to their daughter Kristin, and son-in-law Glen in 2012. Then it happened. In 2013, Glen and Kristin packed up their children and pets, and made the move from Seattle to Quincy to take over the coffee bar. It was a crazy thing, moving from the big city to a little town, and making a 100% shift in careers. With a yearning to make it a friendly and delicious place for the locals, and with their own love of coffee and food, a new identity was born and a mission was established. Relationships began building. Coffee was consumed. Tears and growing pains were felt. A new name was born. 

Midtown Coffee.



We proudly partner with Rusty Roof Coffee Roasters out of Chester, CA. We take pride in the fact that all of our beans are selected from sustainable growers from around the world and are single origin beans. Our coffee beans arrive at our roaster and arrive to us the day after roasting. Each sack that arrives at our door is a delicious treat. We have 1-pound bags of coffee beans from Rusty Roof Coffee Roasters available for purchase at our location. Come in to check it out. 



Above all things, we strive to create and foster strong relationships with customers, with each other, with our vendors and with our community by working tirelessly and remaining good servants, patient helpers and enthusiastic problem solvers. Together, as we strive for perfection, we will gratefully achieve excellence.

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